Are Andersen 100 windows good? Are they worth the cost?

Are Andersen 100 windows good? 100 Series

It’s no secret that we’re fond of the Andersen® brand, but when asked “Are Andersen 100 windows good?” our answer is an unequivocal YES. The 100 Series of windows are a wonderful introduction to Andersen products at a moderate price point.

Andersen 100 Series windows are a step up from vinyl windows. They use Andersen’s Fibrex® material, which is a sturdy blend of a thermoplastic PVC polymer and reclaimed wood fibers collected from their wood window manufacturing processes. More than 200% stronger than vinyl, they are guaranteed not to warp in Arizona sun, no matter how scorching our summers become. They can tolerate temperatures up to 150 degrees without blistering, fading, flaking or peeling. They have fewer issues than vinyl when it comes to expanding and contracting from weather.

The materials used in the window frame and sashes are much stronger and thicker than vinyl, giving them a distinct appearance. They can also be used in larger window openings than vinyl.

The PVC prevents the wood from rotting or decaying, and bypasses the high maintenance requirements of a wood window. Like wood, the Andersen 100 line of windows can be painted, but with six attractive, contemporary color options, and the ability to have different colors on the interior versus the exterior, why would you?

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How do Andersen 100 windows compare to other Andersen products?

Andersen’s 100 series of windows are the only fully composite product offered by Andersen. All of their other product lines are a mix of wood interiors and composite, vinyl or aluminum exteriors.

These double-pane windows include the same high-quality glass all other Andersen products use, with the same glass coating and low-e options, and the same warranty included in their premium, high end products. The 10-year hardware, 20-year glass warranty is nothing to sneeze at.

The 100 Series is available in six types of windows: awning, casement, single-hung, gliding, picture and some custom/specialty shapes.

The next step up in the Andersen product line is their 200 Series line, which is a wood window protected by vinyl on the outside of the home. Considered a premium product, they’re less expensive than the full wood product lines, but only available in two colors and a limited variety of window types (double-hung, gliding and picture windows).

How do Andersen 100 windows compare to other windows that are comparable in price?

AZ Window Replacement QuoteThe cost of this line is a slight upgrade from higher end vinyl windows, but a much, much better product and value for a homeowner’s budget.

”The Andersen 100 windows are an especially good product. From their smooth appearance and clean, modern lines to their ease of operation, they’re a superior window. The durability of their finish is outstanding and we’ve had zero problems with this product. It’s an excellent choice,” says Sal Sucato, owner of DunRite Windows & Doors.

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