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How vinyl windows are made

Vinyl replacement windows for a DunRite customer in Phoenix

Now the most popular replacement window product on the market nationwide, vinyl windows are available as a high quality product that can last 30+ years, even in Phoenix weather, and are available in an array of colors and upgrades that give you more bang for your buck than ever before. If you’re curious about how they’re made, here’s a glimpse inside the factories.

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How are Replacement Windows Installed?

How are Replacement Windows Installed?On a new home under construction, the window installation process is different than when replacement windows are installed. The types of windows are often different, too.

When a home is built, the original windows have a nail fin—a mounting flange with nail holes that is set back from the edges of the window frame and nailed to the exposed studs to secure the window to the opening. (Refer to the bottom left quadrant in the below image.)

It’s sealed to the framing of the home and tied into the flashing if you have one, then the nail fin is covered with whatever stucco, siding or other material is used on the home’s exterior walls.

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Does caulking windows save energy?

Does caulking windows save energy?Is it smart to caulk windows? Ensuring windows are properly sealed against drafts and leaks is important. Every window frame should have caulking on the inside and outside of the window frame where it touches the wall of the home.

(It’s actually sealant, not caulking – more on that below.)

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Where are Pella Windows & Doors Made?

Where are Pella windows made?
(Photo credit: Pella Windows & Doors)

Let’s showcase one of our high-end window manufacturers today! A family-owned business, Pella is headquartered in Pella, Iowa and has more than 17 manufacturing facilities around the United States.

We love that they are 100% made in America, and you might be surprised how many locations they have! Pella products are made in:

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Why do I have condensation on my windows?

Window Condensation image

While window condensation between the panes of glass isn’t normal and can indicate a broken seal or other product issues, windows fogging up on the inside or outside of a home are pretty common.

It’s nothing to worry about.

It just means warm, moist air on the inside of a room touched a cold surface, such as warm living room air heated by the toasty blast of a heater reaching window glass chilled from a cold day outside. Moisture in the air deposits itself on any surface with a colder temperature.

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Can you paint vinyl windows?

Can you paint vinyl windows?Can you paint vinyl windows? Nope.

Just kidding! Well, kind of… Vinyl windows typically should not be painted once they’re installed. In our experience, it rarely turns out well, but today we’re tapping a local painting professional for their opinion, too, along with a few of our window product manufacturers.

Let’s dive into a little more detail.

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