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Header Image: Are Andersen Windows Worth It?

Are Andersen Windows Worth It?

As one of the most recognizable windows brands on the market today, some wonder, “Are Andersen Windows worth it?” Twenty-year window industry veteran and DunRite Windows & Doors Owner Sal Sucato thinks so…with one caveat.

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Are Andersen 400 Series windows energy star rated?

Are Andersen 400 Windows Energy Star Rated?

Energy Star®. Andersen® 400 Windows. Low-E. You’ve seen these labels while researching windows for your upcoming project, but how do you know if they’re worth the hype? And, are Andersen 400 Windows Energy Star rated?

At DunRite, we’re committed to providing you with the quality and knowledge to back up your investment, so here’s what you need to know.

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Andersen 2021 window trends - privacy glass new options

New 2021 Window Features from Andersen & Pella

We’re only halfway through 2021, but we have some noteworthy items from our high-end window and door manufacturers to share with you. Both Pella Windows and Andersen Windows have news to share.

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Where to buy Andersen windows

Where to buy Andersen Windows - 100 SeriesAndersen® windows are a high-end brand of windows and doors made in the USA with a strong reputation and large marketing budget, so most homeowners are familiar with them. It’s not uncommon for DunRite to provide quotes to homeowners who ask for them by name. Perhaps they’ve heard good things from other homeowners, or they’ve been impressed with what they’ve seen online.

If that’s you, and you’re wondering where to buy Andersen windows, there are three primary ways to make your purchase: from dealers (like us) who sell and install Andersen product, from a Renewal by Andersen showroom, or at a home improvement store.

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Big Sliding Glass Doors or Multifold Patio Doors: Which is a Better Moving Wall System?

Multisliding patio doors - Heritage by Andersen

Ahhhhh, Arizona. There’s no better place to bring the outdoors in, right? Big sliding glass doors and multifold doors that create a moving glass wall are beautiful options to open up the patio, creating a seamless flow from the inside of your home to the backyard.

They take full advantage of balmy weather and lovely views, and add a stunning design element to a home.

Let’s talk about which moving wall system DunRite prefers, and why we feel it’s your best option.

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Andersen windows installation photo

Are Renewal by Andersen windows the same as Andersen windows?

Andersen® windows. Renewal by Andersen® windows. What the heck is the difference, and how does it apply to a homeowner that just wants high-end, high quality windows?

Trying to do an apples-to-apples comparison can be tough.

It’s a constant question we are asked… Are Renewal by Andersen windows the same as Andersen windows?

Products for both are manufactured at the same plant by the same company, but they’re not the same product. There are other differences, too.

Here’s what you should know.

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Where to buy Andersen windows - 100 Series

Are Andersen 100 windows good? Are they worth the cost?

We’ve installed windows and doors in thousands of homes all over the Phoenix metro area, so when we say we know our brands, it’s true. We know which ones have the best customer service, the lowest amount of quality control issues, and minimal warranty claims. We know which ones last. So when we’re asked “Are Andersen® 100 windows good?” our answer is an unequivocal YES. The 100 Series of windows are a wonderful introduction to Andersen products at a moderate price point.

They last.

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