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Does Home Depot sell Pella?

Pella Impervia windows
Pella® Impervia® Fiberglass Windows

Are you a fan of Pella® Windows & Doors? One of the most common questions asked about this brand is specific to DIYers: Does Home Depot sell Pella? Let’s tackle it.

Home Depot does not sell Pella windows—they sell the Andersen® windows brand, a competitor in the high-end windows niche. However, you can find Pella products at Lowe’s. 

Should you DIY or hire professionals to replace single-pane windows with double?


Are Pella products sold at Lowe’s the same thing you’d get from your local Pella branch?

According to our Pella distributor, product purchased at Lowe’s is the exact same product you’d purchase from your local Pella branch, although one Pella product line appears to be exclusive to Lowe’s, called ThermaStar by Pella®.

Similar to the Encompass by Pella® product line, which is only available from a limited number of local Pella branches around the country (excluding Arizona), ThermaStar by Pella® is Pella’s most affordable vinyl window product. And while the Lowe’s website only showcases a few product lines, any Pella product can be ordered from the windows and doors department inside the store.

Does this mean DIY is your best option? Let’s take a look at the differences and risks to be aware of.

Lowe’s subcontractor vs your local Pella branch installation warranties can drastically differ.

No matter what brand you choose, window and door warranties usually encompass three separate areas:

  1. Product parts or replacement due to defects or product workmanship,
  2. Labor to repair or replace the faulty product, and
  3. Repair related to installation issues or faulty materials used for installation.
Pella Impervia windows
Pella® Impervia® Fiberglass Windows

The first is determined by Pella (or the manufacturer of the window and/or door product you’re purchasing), but the other two areas—labor and installation repairs—are set by the subcontractor or dealer who installs the product.

In Pella’s case, the product warranty is lengthy, but labor is typically only covered for the first two years. This is the same whether product is purchased at Lowe’s or through your local Pella branch, although some Pella branches choose to add an extension on labor coverage, or waive labor charges.

Here’s where things can drastically differ, though. Installation warranties are set by the installer–typically one year for a Lowe’s subcontractor (unless they offer a contract or warranty upgrade that extends this), and eight years for most local Pella branches. It’s quite a difference! And a very nice value-add.

DunRite goes the extra mile, extending the installation warranty for as long as the purchaser owns that home–something rarely seen among window and door companies. We want our customers to have a five-star experience, even if there’s a warranty issue years after the original installation.

Two major drawbacks of DIY window installation

If you installed the product yourself or hired a third-party, such as a handyman or unlicensed contractor, labor may be excluded for all warranty claims, and incorrectly installed product that doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s specific guidelines will void the product warranty. This is important for DIY homeowners to understand before they decide to purchase from Lowe’s.

Pella windows - Impervia line
Pella® Impervia® Fiberglass Windows

Also, your local Pella branch will not install product that wasn’t purchased from them. If you run into trouble with a DIY installation, it’s good to know this.

We’re not trying to discourage anyone from doing the installation themselves, but we do want to share that it’s something only those very confident of their skills and experience with basic construction should attempt.

What do we love about Pella?

We’ve been installing Pella products for decades. We especially like their aluminum-clad wood windows, which can be tricky to install but are a fantastic, attractive product. The baked on exterior color holds up far longer than a vinyl window, and the wood interior adds a warm, beautiful finish to the room. The exterior maintenance is minor, and maintenance on the inside of the window is as simple as a seal and clear coat.

We also like the company and how it’s structured. If there’s an issue with a Pella product, they’re there for the customer. “I’ve never had a situation they haven’t handled,” says Sal Sucato, owner of DunRite Windows & Doors.

A long time dealer for Pella products, DunRite is a member of the Pella Certified Contractor® Program, with decades of installing their product. We’re happy to schedule an in-home appointment to give you a quote so you can compare pricing, products, installation methods and warranties. Our competitive pricing might surprise you, and we offer one of the only lifetime installation warranties in Arizona.

Published April 6, 2021

We’re proud to stand behind our work; it’s just one reason we have a strong five-star reputation, and why most customers return to DunRite for all of their window and door needs.

If you’re considering Pella products and open to having someone else handle the installation for you, then be sure to include a quote from DunRite before you place that Lowe’s order!

Pella windows installation in Scottsdale Arizona

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