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Is it time for a door replacement? DunRite Windows & Doors is an authorized dealer for many different door manufacturers, and can install the perfect exterior door to fit your budget and style. Front doors, patio doors, french doors, ceiling-height big glass doors – we install all types.

We also convert windows to doors, create new door openings in walls, and more.

You won’t believe what a difference a beautiful new door can make, or how much it can impact design. Ask us for a consultation today!

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Answers to Common Questions About AZ Replacement Doors:

DunRite brands include Andersen, Heritage, Pella, Milgard, Anlin, Woodgrain, Thermatru and Masonite, and we install all of their exterior door products for the front or back of your home.

Ready to transform double front doors into a single entry door with sidelights, or have a glass moving wall system installed to open up the back of your home? Sure, we’ll do that. We can also change sliding glass doors to hinged French doors or a replacement sliding glass door that looks like a French door, even change out an old aluminum slider for energy-efficient fiberglass or vinyl sliding doors. Patios are important to Arizona homeowners, and we enjoy giving them a better view or greater access to their backyard.

We’re also committed to a five-star experience, so while we’re replacing the door, we’ll keep the job site clean, and be careful to preserve landscaping as we come and go. It’s a hassle-free experience and, naturally, you’ll receive our lifetime installation guarantee for as long as you own the home.

Absolutely! We have a minimum purchase requirement of at least three exterior items (windows and/or doors), so we wouldn’t come out to replace just the interior door(s). However, replacing interior doors while we’re already there to replace windows is a common task for us! Whether you want to update the look, replace damaged doors, or add doors where they didn’t exist before, we do the job quickly with close attention to detail.

We’ll remove the old door and frame, replace it with the product and hardware you’ve selected, then add any trim needed. If drywall repair is expected, it’s typically included in the price estimate, but this tends to be unnecessary for most interior door replacements.

DunRite does not paint, so any finishing of the door and trim is up to the homeowner.

Because of our three-exterior-item minimum, we don’t replace single doors. We can replace a mixture of product, however, such as windows plus an entry door, or a patio, entry and garage door – plus the interior doors along with those three items.

We also do not replace glass on entry doors, or do other types of repair. For that, your best bet is to contact a glass repair company or handyman.

If you’re obtaining quotes from window and door companies to replace your door, there’s no need to take measurements. They’ll take care of that, along with assuming responsibility if the measurements should be incorrect for some reason. However, if you plan to replace the door yourself, here are a few tips from professionals, and the process is the same for both an interior or exterior door. Similar to how windows are measured, we recommend taking three or four measurements of the door height and width, and also from the door frame width. Take the smallest measurement, and subtract 12/3/8 of an inch from both the height and width to allow a bit of room for adjustments, then write it down. After all, the trim around the door on the inside and outside of the jamb will cover that gap.

You can order the door pre-drilled for the handle, so there’s no need to measure that. However, you do want to take note of whether the door swings inward or outward, and measure the depth of the door frame and the door itself. You also want to check and see if the frame opening is square and true.  Using a level both horizontally and vertically will tell you if the opening is straight, and using a right angle at each corner will tell you if it’s 90 degrees. If it’s not, discuss this with the sales staff where you are ordering the door from. They’ll have advice on how best to handle the situation.

If you’re measuring for a sliding glass door replacement, or sliding closet doors, only measure the opening. There’s no need to measure the glass panels. You’ll also want to check if it’s square and plumb.

The easiest way to replace an exterior door? Why, call DunRite Windows & Doors, of course! We’ll give you a great price on top brands, our Lifetime Installation Warranty for as long as you own the home, and a smooth, hassle-free experience. We offer a range of exterior door products including front doors, patio doors, French Doors, sliding glass doors, ceiling height big sliding glass doors, and more. Even custom. Ask about them today!

If you’re more of the DIY type, Home Depot provides an excellent tutorial on how to replace an exterior door, and the Lowe’s video below is excellent, too. Since the door and frame can be quite heavy and difficult to handle, especially front doors. Having two people manage the job is important, and you’ll want to allow a full day for the project if it’s something you haven’t done before.


Sliding glass doors are a two-man (or woman!) job, and not something anyone should tackle by themselves. These doors are double-pane and extremely heavy. We recommend using a professional if you’ve never done it before; if your construction or carpentry skills are not intermediate to advanced; if the doors are not a standard size (such as ceiling height, bifold/multifold, or extra large); if there is damage to the opening such as dry rot, water damage or insect damage; or if you think you need assistance with creating an insulated, water-tight seal around the new door.

All of that being said, if you think you have the strength and skills to replace a sliding glass door, this “How to Install a Sliding Door” article from Home Depot might help.

There are many different brands of exterior doors, along with styles, options and upgrades, so we tell you online how much it  costs to replace a door. Plus, pricing changes fairly regularly, especially in today’s economy. Instead of trusting a generic price range, it’s better to get quotes from reputable window and door companies, since they’ll provide you information about what best suits your design style and budget. Are you looking for a patio door, and thinking about replacing a less secure glass sliding door with French doors? Or enlarging the opening to fit ceiling-height sliders? Do you want a new front door, but you aren’t sure about how much glass, and whether it’s worth spending more on Fiberglass or if steel or aluminum is fine? Should you consider wood? All of these questions can be talked through with a salesperson, so that you have enough information and pricing to make an educated decision on what you’d like to do.

You can find inexpensive builder grade exterior doors at a home improvement store, or custom colors and design from a windows and doors company or high-end showroom, along with plenty of choices in the middle, but you’ll need to meet with them to get actual pricing.

Please understand generic pricing found on a website or article is highly likely to be outdated and inaccurate, especially given the impact of shipping, labor and supply chain issues that are impacting the entire industry.

Stop by a home improvement store for a quote from their window and doors department if you’d like to do the installation yourself or hire a handyman for just one door. If you’d like something a step up or more customized than that, or if you have a bigger project or multiple doors you’d like replaced, then reach out to a local window and doors company. Just don’t forget to get multiple quotes if you’re just thinking about one brand, especially if it’s high-end. There are great exterior door products being sold and installed in our market that offer excellent quality, long warranties and a more affordable price tag. We’d be happy to quote both.

While we can’t quote product and labor pricing online to provide a specific cost to replace a sliding glass door, we’d be happy to come out to your home to discuss style preferences and budget, then give you a price estimate. We install sliding glass doors in aluminum, fiberglass, aluminum-clad wood and vinyl material choices, along with upgrades like mini-blinds between the panes, pet doors, improved energy efficiency and more. We also can enlarge openings, install multi-fold or extra large sliding glass doors, create glass walls and more. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to replace a sliding glass door.

The most cost effective place to buy replacement interior doors is a local home improvement store. Most window and door companies don’t install them, but a handyman service can do the job, or you can ask the home improvement store if they offer installation services.

They typically sell doors with or without primer, and with or without the frame (pre-hung versus a slab door).

If you are already working with a window and door company to replace windows or exterior front doors on your home, you might ask if they will do interior doors, too, since some will handle interior doors as an add-on. However, most window and door companies do not install interior doors or closet doors.

It’s a fast, simple job and a great entry-level DIY project. You can purchase doors that have primer already applied, and either use the existing hardware on your current doors, or pick up new hardware at Home Depot or Lowe’s when you pick up your doors. Here is a helpful video from Lowe’s on how to replace interior doors, along with their buying guide.

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Here’s What Our Customers Say…

DunRite Windows & Doors
Based on 193 reviews
We used DunRite years ago on our condo. Great experience! Now we needed all new windows and arcadia door in our house. I did alot of research and got quotes for quality, materials, reputation and service. Hands down went with DunRite (again). I highly recommend! The crew is Amazing!
Excellent window installation by DunRite. Did our whole house and all the staff were professional and nice. Cleaned up well. Management was very responsive to any questions or concerns. Would respond within 12 hours!
Noreen Pogue
Noreen Pogue
We used DunRite Windows and doors to complete a window and door project that another company had started. Now that the project is finished we can honestly say that DunRite won in every category: price (comparing same exact product), follow up and follow through, quality control (what arrived was free from damage unlike the previous company), and overall experience. We will use DunRite for any future needs!
Chris, Jason, and Brian replaced 4 large windows, in my kitchen on September 5th. They arrived on time and clearly knew what they were doing. They were very professional and nice! There was no mess left but most of all they look great! Thanks again to them !
Debbie Wentrup
Debbie Wentrup
Dunrite was a great choice to install our window. Even though we only replaced our large front window, they treated us like we were valued customers. The process from purchase to installation went exactly as planned and we were kept informed even when our window arrived broke from the factory. The window looks great and increased the curb appeal of our house. Job well done.
Ti Talleri
Ti Talleri
I will say if you want something done call the owner Sal of DunRite directly. Leaving a message with his staff will not expedite a repair. While they the...
Bonnie M.
Bonnie M.
My new door is beautiful. It arrived early. Installation was very well done.
Debbie Gallett
Debbie Gallett
Replace a patio window & bedroom window with windows that have sound dampening features. They did a professional & clean job. Visited the house, measured & gave quote, sent another tech to ensure measurements are accurate, arrived when they said they would, educated me along the way, including window rail maintenance using pledge lemon spray, NOT WD 40. Cleaned up their mess, & I will now use them for the remainder of my home. Great work!!
Steve Pish
Steve Pish
Incredibly professional, reliable, competitive and knowledgeable company. I had a million questions about the window installation process and they were...
Katya B.
Katya B.
Finally decided to upgrade my windows and they guys did an amazing job.
After interviewing 6 window companies I settled on DunRite. The team was excellent. Very knowledgeable, respectful , hard working. I was amazed .
jane turock
jane turock
I shopped about 20 companies for our whole house window replacement project, and from the sales process with Rick Ritivoy, to working with the office to schedule my project in stages (bathroom windows had to go in first as a shower remodel was contingent on having those in before it could begin) to the actual work being performed, my entire experience was excellent. A lot of companies out there tried the hard sell, which fell flat, but DunRite was happy to work with me over email first and I went went them because of the double lifetime warranty on the windows, and the lifetime labor warranty, on top of having the best price for the types of windows I wanted.Chris, Matt, Jason, and the rest of the crew that did my install were all very professional and accommodating to all requests. They were a pleasure to work with!I’ve had a lot of contractors in and out of my house that last couple months, and DunRite far exceeded all other companies. I would definitely use them again!!!
I shopped about 20 companies for our whole house window replacement project, and from the sales process with Rick Ritivoy, to working with the office to...
Greg G.
Greg G.
Absolutely impressed with DunRite from start to finish. We got quotes from many companies who gave us a lot of great information but DunRite was by far the most informative. They weren’t pressuring us at all and spent quite a bit of time with us going over all of our options and answering any questions we had. They actually gave us multiple ballpark quotes on site for different configurations we were considering which helped us choose what was right for us. They weren’t the cheapest quote we got but I still feel we got way more value than we would have with another company. The wait time was not bad considering how backed up the industry is right now, and when it came time for install both of the install teams sent out to install our windows were incredibly professional. They moved and covered items in the area to keep them from getting too dirty or breaking anything, they were quick and respectful of our time and space. The installed windows look fantastic and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.I would absolutely recommend DunRite to anyone looking for window replacements, they are fantastic to work with and I do not think you’ll be disappointed!
Ray Dunn
Ray Dunn
DunRite gave a great price for a high quality front door. Installers were on time, worked efficiently and cleaned up afterwards. We had a perfect new front door!
Jenny Cho
Jenny Cho
They showed up on time did the work with professional courtesy and quality. They even fixed a couple minor issues with no hesitation. They offered before I could ask. Highly recommended. Colin and Matt were the install team and Jan was my initial contact. All get my highest recommendation.
Peter DeFalco
Peter DeFalco
We used DunRite about 3 years ago when we had a new sliding door installed; it's been beautiful and functional ever since. Our kids got something jammed in the mechanism recently that called for a service visit from Tyler who was so professional and so kind. The issue proved to be more complex and called for back up from his boss JJ, who was just as professional and kind. They fixed the issue quickly, they were so personable, and made my day with their kind service!
Erika Nielsen
Erika Nielsen
We used DunRite about 3 years ago when we had a new sliding door installed; it's been beautiful and functional ever since. Our kids got something jammed in...
Erika N.
Erika N.
I would give DunRite Windows and doors a 10 if I could. I am a very particular person when it comes to the home. I had been looking for windows for awhile but got tired of looking at this window company and that window company so looked up windows and doors and DunRite came up. I did read their reviews and was impressed. I called them and made an appointment. Daniel Phelps came out to my house and explained the different types of windows and which ones would be good for my home. I bought 7 windows plus French door. George came out to measure a few weeks later and answered my questions. I got a call in December to set up my appointment for installation. Nathan and Jason came out on Monday and worked till 5:00 pm that day and then came back on Tuesday and worked through their lunch to complete my installations. They were hard working, job focused, detailed oriented, professional, particular, organized, quiet, nice, and answered my questions as needed. I was thoroughly impressed and would call DunRite again. Their customer service was excellent from the ordering, measuring to the installation. I am very pleased with the windows and door. They look great.Thank you,Cassandra
Cassandra Nolan
Cassandra Nolan
DunRite Windows & Doors recently replacedour windows, seventeen in all, in our two story home. Obviously not an easy job, however, the installers were...
Ruthann S.
Ruthann S.
The people at DunRite Windows and Doors are amazing. We purchased windows for a new addition and decided to upgrade some existing windows. Unfortunately, supply chain issues caused one of the replacement windows to be placed on backorder which threatened the totally derail the timeline for the remodel. Sal and his team arranged to have the windows for the remodel installed to keep us on track.
Ted Anderson
Ted Anderson
Installation took about 6 hours start to finish for 4 windows in my condo, and I couldn't be happier. There's an art to knowing how many crew members it will take to do the job, and it was amazing to watch them work in such efficient harmony. The finished product is incredible...not just the quality of the windows, you can get great windows elsewhere, but the quality of each installed window, including the framing fit and finish is impressive, and proves the quality of their craftsmanship. I've been singing their praises and will continue to do so. Thanks for the great work, DunRite!
Good window installation companies are hard to come by. Other have very high pressure sales tactics and use third parties to do the actual install. These windows were installed right on schedule, without making any false promises. The crew took their time ti make sure the install was perfect. We will be using them in the future.
Good window installation companies are hard to come by. Other have very high pressure sales tactics and use third parties to do the actual install. These...
Brandon R.
Brandon R.
These guys are very professional and their workmanship is outstanding. I'm so happy that I chose them to do my commercial doors and windows for my house. I...
Lana W.
Lana W.
Excellent company! Great communication and they did a great installation. Very clean and highly recommended.
We had 11 new windows and 4 custom doors installed throughout the house. Sal and the team were incredible to work with. They came out several times to ensure we had the right order with the correct measurements. Then on installation day the crew came out and were professional, cleaned up afterward, and did a great installation overall.I couldn't recommend this company more! Windows and doors are an expensive investment and having a company really take the time and effort to ensure we made sound decisions made a huge difference for us.
Jason Edwards
Jason Edwards
I was very impressed with the windows. There was some problems after the work, but they came back and handled it professionally. The price, what can I say, awesome.
Purchased windows from them a couple of years ago and very happy with the windows and install.We are now purchasing a new patio door and another window. Looking forward to seeing install when completed.
Mike Terry
Mike Terry
If you're considering having new windows installed, do yourself a huge favor and give Sal a call. The guy's been in the biz for years and years and know his...
Rl R.
Rl R.
I am very happy to say that my experience with DunRite Windows was excellent. Colin and Jesse were great. Friendly , courteous , neat and clean. Did I...
Patricia C.
Patricia C.
We used Dunrite based on customer high ratings and the company did not disappoint. We had a custom made window and custom made door and frame with a security screen installed the house we just recently purchased.

The installers were efficient and cleaned everything up nicely. Our salesman, Sal, was awesome. He was very accommodating. He answered some questions for me about other windows and doors in my house. He offered my advice on some screen installation. He actually recommended a different type of company to complete the work I wanted done. (just like the movie Miracle on 34th Street). We were not happy with one of the choices we made with the door installation. We thought we would like our choice of framework but did not like the selection once it was up. Even though it was DunRite’s fault, they exchanged the section we were not happy with and did not charge us extra money for their time or the new materials.

I would highly recommend the company.
Yvette Speers
Yvette Speers

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