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Our #1 choice for performance and durability, fiberglass windows are a popular choice in Arizona. They’re more costly than vinyl; however, fiberglass windows are impervious to rot and termites, they are stronger, so well suited to larger window openings, and their impressive durability withstands decade after decade of Arizona sun.

They are slightly more energy efficient than vinyl, depending on the specific window and energy efficiency features or upgrades chosen, and can mimic the look of wood—a design feature important to some homeowners. Options are also available in a wide variety of style choices, including finished wood interiors.

DunRite Windows & Doors offers a selection of fiberglass window and door products from multiple manufacturers, and would be happy to come out to your home to provide a free estimate. We’ll share the pros and cons of different window materials, and suggest options that fit your home and budget. Contact us today!

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A Few Fiberglass Window & Door Brands We Carry…

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“We would recommend him to friends and family in the future. We didn’t require his services for this particular job but his customer care is outstanding!

We called him to replace a window in our home on a Sunday. Not only did he get back to us immediately, he let us know that we contacted the wrong company and referred us to a company that could help us. He explained that if he did come out and do the job he would replace the entire window and what we actually needed was just a glass replacement, saving us a lot of money. He was professional and very easy to deal with.

Even though we didn’t use him – based on his integrity, professionalism and customer care, we would recommend him in the future.”

Common questions about fiberglass windows

Fiberglass windows are made from a blend of polyester resin and glass fibers that can be shaped and molded, even stamped to look like wood.

Made from approximately 60% glass and recyclable when removed, fiberglass windows are an environmentally friendly choice. A strong, durable material that won’t bend or dent, fiberglass windows resist termites, water damage, corrosion and rotting. It also has minimal expansion or contractions from weather, and can withstand even the most extreme heat.

Options range from basic fiberglass windows, where the entire window or door frame is extruded fiberglass, to mid-range doors and windows that have a thin layer of fiberglass wrapped around a wood core, and higher-end windows that have the glass fiber pulled through a resin bath and a heated die, then topped (or clad) with an exterior thin layer of another material, such as aluminum, Fibrex or vinyl.

Many manufacturers include proprietary compounds in their fiberglass mix to extend durability and/or energy efficiency.

DunRite Windows & Doors installs Andersen®, Pella® and Milgard® fiberglass windows, and they’re absolutely the best window option for Scottsdale and Phoenix area homes. They’re the strongest material, with thin frames that shows the most possible amount of glass. Depending on the product and the options you select, they can also be exceptionally energy efficient… the best choice for intense heat. They also expand and contract less than most other materials, and require no maintenance.

So why are they less popular than other options? The amount of labor it takes to manufacture a fiberglass window is more intensive than other window frame materials, and the source materials are also a bit more costly, leading to a product that can be pricey. In our opinion, thought? They are worth every penny. We particularly install quite a bit of Pella Impervia® fiberglass windows, which is one of our favorite products.

Yes, fiberglass windows are better than vinyl windows. They are stronger, they last longer, they have thin profiles (similar to aluminum windows, but far more energy efficient) that many homeowners appreciate, and they are the most energy efficient option available, especially in extreme climates. They handle heat exceptionally well.

They aren’t suited to all budgets, though, as they are considerably more expensive than vinyl. If it’s out of range for your budget, Andersen Fibrex is the second most energy efficient window option, followed by vinyl. Aluminum and wood are last.

All of that being said, fiberglass is ideal for those who prefer to invest in the best, but it’s important to note that vinyl is our #1 most popular product, both here in the Phoenix metro area and nationwide. It provides a long lasting, durable product at a very attractive price point. Good quality vinyl is an excellent choice.

Some brands of fiberglass windows can have the frames painted, and some cannot. Milgard confirms their fiberglass windows can be painted on their website, but Andersen and Pella generally state that painting will void the warranty, and don’t address the topic further in their website.

Before painting any window product, be sure to confirm it’s paintable by contacting the manufacturer of the window, or by checking its specifications on their website. This will also tell you if painting the product impacts the warranty.

One lovely thing about fiberglass windows is that most baked-on factory paint will never need repainting, although it can fade a bit after a decade or two. Depending on the color and manufacturer, it can last as long as the window, which can be forty, fifty years or longer. Zero maintenance is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

If you’d like to change the color, however, we recommend using a paint professional to ensure the best results. It’s very important to not seal drainage holes, and paint in a way that doesn’t impact how the hardware and window operates. The last thing anyone wants is to paint a window shut so it can never be opened. After all, winter weather can be a fabulous time to leave them open in Scottsdale to enjoy the 70-80 degree days!

DunRite Windows & Doors sells Pella® Impervia®, Andersen A-Series and Milgard® Ultra-Series of fiberglass windows and doors.

Fiberglass windows are more expensive than aluminum windows; but for that price difference, you’ll get improved lifespan, durability and strength, and best-in-class energy efficiency. If budget allows, they are an ideal choice.

How do they compare to another popular choice for high-end homes, aluminum-clad wood windows? The biggest benefit of clad wood is the ability to have the look of wood inside the home, where it can add a lovely warmth to rooms. The compromise? Because it’s a wood window on the exterior with a very thin layer of aluminum over the wood to protect it from the elements, that wood window is less energy efficient. It also requires a certain amount of maintenance and has a shorter lifespan than a fiberglass window. Some fiberglass window manufacturers do offer an embossed wood-grain look, but in our opinion, it falls short when compared to actual wood. If you aren’t particularly attached to the look of wood, or if you plan to paint them instead of using a stain, then fiberglass might be something to consider.

If budget doesn’t allow a purchase of fiberglass or aluminum clad wood, Andersen® fibrex® windows are excellent, and a nice entry into the high-end window category at a more budget-friendly price. They last longer than a vinyl window, although some don’t care for the thicker width of frame.

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