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How to buy replacement windows for your home

Home improvements can be a significant investment, and it’s smart to do a bit of due diligence before deciding who to trust with your project. If you’re thinking 2023 will be the year to buy replacement windows for your home, we’ve put our top five tips together to help you with the process.

1. Take a close look at the reputation of the company you are considering. What is their rating on the Better Business Bureau’s website and Angie’s List? Is their license current and clean with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors? Are the reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp both positive and authentic? If there are negative reviews, do they seem handled appropriately and does the company demonstrate they care about customer service and problem resolution?

It’s important to be comfortable with their reputation and reliability before they come to your home, just to ensure you’re getting quotes from solid options, and don’t make a quick decision you later regret.

2. Understand exactly what they sell and install. Do they only sell product lines from a single manufacturer? Know this up front, so you’re aware of any impact it may have on their quote. If you want vinyl windows and they only have one product line of vinyl product to offer, know that’s what they will recommend as your best option. Looking at several comparable brands can give you a better understanding of any differences in quality, warranty and features.

Are they purchasing off-the-shelf product from a home improvement store? This type of installer that retrofits standard sized windows in an opening should not be compared with one that orders the exact sizes you need from the manufacturer. Even if it’s the same window manufacturer, it’s typically a specialty discount line that can’t be compared as apples-to-apples. Also, they may not be licensed, bonded and insured, which can impact the warranty and homeowner’s insurance claims.

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3. Know the best product for your needs may not be the brand you originally requested. Are you set on a specific product manufacturer, or company? Some window companies may suggest alternate brands because they’re familiar with the pros and cons of different product lines and manufacturers. They may suggest a similar window from a brand you don’t expect, because it has frame style more suitable to your home’s installation requirements, a stronger warranty, improved energy efficiency, more color choices, or alternative features not available in the original brand.

Asking questions about why they recommend a specific product and taking a few minutes to verify details online can help you make an educated decision.

4. Know what you like and don’t like. Before a window installation company comes out to your home, investing some time to look at windows installed in other homes around your neighborhood can help you decide on what you like. Do you prefer gray, white, almond or black window frames? Do you like thin, frames or thicker ones? Mindfully looking at other homes to decide on the appearance you prefer.

It’s also helpful to think about features before the appointment. Do you want different energy efficiency or noise cancellation features on certain sides of the home? Do you prefer windows that slide sideways or up when opened, or that open using a crank mechanism? Do you want them to flip for ease of cleaning from inside the home? Are there features about your current windows that you want to change?

Thinking through these details before the appointment help us present the best options for your home, and streamline your appointment.

5. Ask these questions before you sign a contract. Understanding details of the job before you are committed will help prevent misunderstandings. Here are a few questions we suggest you ask. Will this impact other home improvement needs or features, such as security wiring, interior/exterior painting or stucco work, siding or blinds and window coverings? Are there any other potential fees or services that might be required? What is the warranty for the specific product this quote includes, and is it different than other products from the same manufacturer? If the home shifts, causing issues with the window, do you come out to fix it? What is your guarantee against leakage, moisture and installation mistakes? Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

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Last Updated Nov. 29, 2022

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