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I’m getting quotes for new home windows. Why are both spouses expected to attend the appointment?

If you’re getting quotes for new home windows, it’s common for the contractor to request—or even require—that both spouses participate in the appointment. DunRite does this.

Is it about who signs the checkbook? Sexism? High-pressure sales tactics? Nope, none of these things.

Replacing all of the windows in your home will have a major impact on budget, curb appeal and even functionality of the home. There are different types of replacement windows, and discovering which one is right for a specific home can take a bit of discussion.

It’s a serious, major investment, and questions always come up from the spouse not attending regarding the project, what’s included, product features or price. Whenever possible, we prefer to thoroughly address options and answer all questions at the same time.

It just ensures everyone is on the same page.

Here’s what an in-home appointment looks like

What we’ve learned

Over the last 15+ years of doing business with homeowners, we’ve learned that most unsatisfied customers come from communication errors—most often from a spouse not included in the project.

It’s the spouse who hates DIY projects and home maintenance, only to find out their spouse signed a contract for wood windows–matching what’s being replaced, but committing them to repaint the new windows every two or three years to keep the warranty in effect.

Or the spouse who would have liked white interiors on the window frame to match trim inside the home, but didn’t know that was an option and wasn’t at the appointment, so the other spouse bought clay colored windows they ended up disliking.

Or even a significant other who wanted fiberglass, versus the composite windows they ended up with.


It’s not just about a difference of opinion for the style of window, although those are common; it’s also about the other spouse having questions before feeling comfortable enough to commit.

Soundproofing may not interest one spouse, since they cost more, but perhaps reducing freeway noise in certain rooms matters to the other spouse, who works in a home office.

Or maybe one spouse is frustrated that a certain room in the home is always too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, but hasn’t voiced that to the other spouse.

Preferences or style changes can sometimes cause a major price difference, depending on what  it is, and most spouses like to discuss these options before making a decision. Having both at the appointment to ask detailed questions and hear explanations about the variety of available options helps keep information straight, and ensures both spouses are hearing the exact same thing.

It’s not about who makes the decision, who manages the checkbook, any kind of gender role or the intention to cause offense in any way, but merely a simple way to make the best possible use of everyone’s time while answering questions and simplifying communication.

Is this to our benefit, too? Sure. We’re a small company, and you’re just as likely to have the owner show up for your appointment as you are to see a sales person at your door. We like to be efficient with our time, just as much as you do, and making a second trip out to your home can be a challenge.

It’s common for each spouse to be interested in different features or products, and one conversation with all interested parties makes the process MUCH easier for everyone.

Here’s what most homeowners don’t know

At DunRite, we don’t sell pre-fabricated, standard sized windows, then adjust the opening to fit the window. We custom measure every window opening, then order a window made by the manufacturer you’ve selected. Each window is custom made for that space and that customer.

Therefore, once a contract is signed, we’re committed and you’re committed.

Ensuring everyone is happy before those windows are ordered ensures all parties are satisfied. The last thing we want is to unpack your custom windows on installation day, only to find out that a spouse is unhappy in some way due to miscommunication or unvoiced expectations.

We wouldn’t ask for your time if it weren’t important. We’re just focused on a job done right.

DunRite Windows & Doors is a local, family-owned business located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and serving the Phoenix metro area. We carry leading brands tested for quality, service and warranty, and have a strong five-star reputation. Learn more by scheduling your in-home appointment today!

Last Updated Sept. 19, 2023

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