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When it Comes to Pricing, Is There a Best Time to Buy Home Windows?

If you’ve been exploring the idea of buying new home windows online, you’ve probably been flooded with ads and mailers. Those sales can look enticing. But is there really a best time to buy home windows? Does timing actually matter? Let’s take a look at what’s fact and what’s fiction.

Are There Seasonal Deals?

We can’t speak for other companies, but with DunRite Windows & Doors, window prices are not seasonal. You won’t pay more during our busy season, and less when things slow down. We’re consistently as competitive as possible with our pricing.

If you’re a homeowner seeking the best deal, though, here’s where we CAN speak for other companies. Like most major purchases, the only way to get the best price is to collect multiple cost estimates. This gives you something to compare. Overpriced estimates will stand out like a sore thumb, along with fake “sale” discounts.

There’s just no way to decide if a price is reasonable until you have a few quotes to compare.

Here’s what might impact your choice of timing though: weather. Even though you won’t pay more during the busy season, you will wait longer for the product to be installed when things are busy. Let’s look at how the seasons might impact your purchase, to help you decide on the best time to buy home windows.

Winter Wonderland (November – February)

In some parts of the country, having windows installed during the dead of winter isn’t the best idea. It might be raining, or snowing, and it’s hard on the installers, who are bundled up to their eyebrows.

But in Scottsdale? It’s perfect.

The blast furnaces of summer haven’t fired up yet, there are no haboobs to worry about, and it’s the ideal time to have windows open most of the day. Surprisingly, it’s not our busiest season! In fact, it’s when you’ll have the shortest wait between purchase and installation.

Spring Has Sprung (March – April)

Once temperatures creep over 85 degrees, homeowner’s start thinking about summer… and the air conditioning bills that will be coming soon. They decide “let’s buy new windows!”, hoping installation happens before we hit 100 degrees.

So naturally, this is our busiest season at DunRIte Windows & Doors. We’re hoppin’ like Easter bunnies in a parade.

The weather is perfect and we’re selling orders like hotcakes. Does this mean Spring is the best time to buy home windows?

If you are looking for a fast install, Spring isn’t the best time to make your purchase. You’ll wait longer for product to be installed than any other time of year. But it’s ideal timing if you want them installed before those AC bills really start to skyrocket! You can typically expect your windows to be installed six-to-eight weeks after purchase, or longer.

Summertime Fun (May – August)

We confess, installing windows at the height of summer heat isn’t our favorite thing ever. But our installers aren’t bothered by it! They’re acclimated to working outdoors all year around, and they’ll get the job done right, no matter the weather.

To protect your air conditioning, they’ll install one area of the home at a time, and that opening won’t be exposed for long. We never have multiple open at once, and in most cases, the unit is swapped in minutes, so don’t let heat of the season stop you from buying windows. Just do it when it’s most convenient for you.

If you buy them during monsoon season, they’ll arrive just in time to be installed during the most beautiful time of year: Fall.

One thing to consider? Summer is often a busy time in other states, which can slow down the manufacturing turn-around times for our windows. It’s something to consider, if you’re looking for the fastest possible installation. Summer might not be the ideal choice. We can’t install them until they arrive and pass our quality control inspection.

Fall Into a Faster Installation (September – October)

Just think: monsoon season is over, the last of the lingering heat is fading away, and it’s too early to worry about holiday parties. Why not have replacement windows installed? This is our favorite time of year to work outside. There are shorter wait times for in-home estimates AND installations, and the manufacturers are done with their summer rush, but still churning out product as fast as they can.

This is a great time of year to replace your windows. Our installers thank you.

Will I Pay Less During the Slow Season?

Weather and peak periods aside, though, we’d like to repeat that this really isn’t a seasonal business. Windows can be replaced any time of year, no matter what the weather looks like, and there is no single “perfect” time to buy them.

The time of year doesn’t impact what’s available or how much you pay.

It just comes down to what matters most to you.

The key is to compare quotes from reputable window companies in your area to understand their offerings and pricing. Ultimately, the “best time” to buy home windows should cater to your specific needs, budget, and what’s available in your region.

What fits your own timeline and budget? Do you want them installed within a certain time frame? Are there current leaks or damage needing immediate attention? Are you waiting until you can pay cash, instead of financing the purchase? These are all valid reasons that impact timing.

Tip: Did you know that homeowners often pay more for windows if they’re financed–especially if it’s a no-interest, no-payments offer? Not every salesperson thinks to disclose this, so it’s best to get a price quote for cash first, then ask about financing. 

If timing is critical due to any of these reasons, don’t wait for that mythical “great deal,” just focus on comparison shopping. This will help you find the best price when you’re ready to make it happen.

Other Things to Consider About Timing

If you want the installation to happen as quickly as possible, or on a specific date, it’s important to compare the expected dates of installation for each company as you obtain estimates.

Installation dates are determined by how long it takes the manufacturers to make and ship your windows, and the installer’s scheduling availability. Even if you get three quotes for the exact same Andersen product, for example, it’s why the expected date for the installation might vary dramatically for each one. It’s dependent on the size of their company, the number of installation teams they have, and how many customer orders they’re juggling.

Interested in a quote from DunRite Windows & Doors? If you’re in the Phoenix Metro area, we’d love to meet. Reach out to us today for scheduling!

Published March 6, 2024

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