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New 2021 Window Features from Andersen & Pella

We’re only halfway through 2021, but we have some noteworthy items from our high-end window and door manufacturers to share with you. Both Pella Windows and Andersen Windows have news to share.

Pella Easy Slide

One of the most exciting innovations this year comes from Pella® Windows.

Remember the manual crank used in casement and awning windows? In Pella’s Impervia® product line, they’ve replaced hard-to-use cranks with the Easy Slide Operator, a new hardware solution they compare to using a lighting dimmer switch. It’s a slide mechanism tucked into the window frame that easily slides to open and close the window, with a separate lever to secure it in place.

It recently won the 2021 Best in Show award at the IBSx™ International Builder’s Show in Florida, and we’re hoping they will replace cranks with this new feature across all of their product lines over the next year or so.

Andersen Custom Designed Grill Patterns

Andersen Windows has announced some new features this year, too.

Privacy glass options now include a satin etched glass, which is an elegant solution for bathroom windows, or even bedrooms.

They’re also now offering the ability to customize the color of spacers that go in between the panes of glass in a window to complement or contrast with the frame color of the window. Color options include white, black and stainless steel, which opens the door to some interesting creative choices, such as black spacers on a white window for a shadowing effect, or matching the spacer to the interior color of the frame.

(Click here to read Andersen’s blog post, “Don’t Look: Privacy Options.”)


Andersen 2021 window trends - privacy glass new options


They also offer custom patterns of white or black grills in almost any combination a homeowner or designer can come up with to enhance the curb appeal and aesthetics of a home. The grills can be installed on the outside of the glass or between panes, and the shape and on some products, the width of the grills can also be customized.

If you have questions about Andersen or Pella products, we have answers! We’ve installed these brands for decades, and would be happy to discuss them or provide a quote. Schedule your free in-home consultation today!

Published June 14, 2021

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