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Should I Buy New Windows for my Home?

The decision to purchase new windows is a major one. Oftentimes, it’s driven by necessity – “Honey, do you feel this chilly draft?”– but the need could also arise if you see damage to the window structure, your windows were installed before Y2K, you have single pane glass, or you are planning to sell your home in a few years and want to increase resale value or give it an edge in the marketplace.

When you ask yourself, “Should I buy new double pane windows for my home?”, the answer should be a resounding yes in several specific situations.

You Need New Windows If…

You see visible signs of water damage, rot or mold on multiple windows, the weep holes are painted shut, or you’ve noted fresh cracks on the interior or exterior walls near the windows that signify the home has shifted. Not only is a damaged window unsightly, but it poses a risk of damaging other areas around the window, such as the stucco or wall structure. It could also compromise the security of your home. Depending on the degree of damage, you may need a handyman to replace just one window, or a company like DunRite Windows & Doors to replace all windows in the home. If the damage was caused by a weather event, it might be critical to address it before another storm occurs.

The weather from outside is getting in. If the area by your windows seems unusually hot during the summer, drafty during the winter or fogged up from condensation between most panes of glass, it’s a major sign that it’s time to buy new windows. Even light creeping through cracks around the frame indicates that the elements are coming into your home – an invitation you don’t want to extend, especially during Phoenix’s extreme weather.

It’s been more than 20 years. The lifespan of older windows is between 15-20 years. Windows are not meant to last forever. Several factors will shorten the longevity, including the quality of the original window, quality of the installation, the maintenance performed over the years and your local weather. Hot temperatures, snowy winters and above-average rainfall also shorten their lifespan, and windows manufactured before 2000 lack the extended lifespan, quality standards and technology advances of today’s modern-day windows.

Replacement windows and home resale valueYou are listing your home on the market soon. New windows offer excellent curb appeal and an interior aesthetic that increases resale value. It can also give you an edge if a homeowner is considering multiple properties, and yours has the newest windows. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2021 Cost v. Value report, a vinyl window replacement yields approximately 70% return on investment (ROI), compared to 60% on a bathroom remodel. It’s a popular improvement to increase resale value or set a home apart from competitors in a hot market. It’s easy to see why opting for new windows might be an excellent choice if you want to sell soon.

They’ve never had any TLC. Every homeowner should be in the habit of giving their windows an annual inspection–checking for deterioration, warping, moisture and integrity of the frame, and performing routine maintenance—such as replacing caulking or sealant when needed, cleaning out weep holes and tracks, or refinishing wood.

Your windows are a daily hassle. Your windows should be like a well-placed prop on a movie set–adding visual appeal and operating smoothly without getting in the way. If your windows are causing headaches or you dislike how they operate, it might be time to consider replacement windows. For example, some people have casement windows but loathe the crank hardware used to open and shut the windows. They might prefer Pella’s new EasySlide hardware, or a different style of opening, such as a double-hung window that slides up and down.

Your homeowner’s insurance or warranty is footing the bill. If your windows were recently damaged by a weather-related event, vandalism or a fire, and your homeowner’s insurance has offered reimbursement for new windows… then by all means, get new windows! Your insurance company will let you know any specific requirements for what you can install, and the budget you have to spend. If it’s a warranty claim, be sure to read the fine print to understand what is and isn’t covered, and their terms for coverage. Some warranties transfer when a home is sold, so if the windows are newer, don’t assume there is no warranty coverage. Contact the manufacturer to explore your options and see if they have details on file for your home’s address.

If any of these factors apply to your windows, or you believe they soon will, it might be an excellent time to purchase new windows.

Many homeowners wait until a disaster occurs–and when there’s no other choice–which is stressful and limits your options. Giving yourself time to compare quotes, and find a windows and doors company you can trust makes the experience far easier.

Ready to Buy?

Angi Super Service Award 2022If you are ready to buy new windows, be diligent in how you move forward. DunRite’s five tips to help you with this process might be an excellent starting point. Be prepared to research the reputation of the vendor you choose, understand the services and products offered, ask questions about their recommendations, know what you like and don’t like, and familiarize yourself with the details of the job.

If you have questions and own a home in our Phoenix metro service area, don’t hesitate to use the live chat feature on the bottom right corner of every page. We’re glad to answer any questions you might have!

Published Feb. 6, 2023

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