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Can I claim energy efficient windows on my taxes?

Can energy efficient windows be claimed on taxes?

If you make a purchase of energy efficient windows or doors from DunRite between 2023 and 2032, you may be eligible to claim a credit on your taxes that’s worth thousands of dollars—up to 30% of the cost to a maximum of $1,200 (or $600, if you only purchase windows) per year.

How? Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

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Header Image: How to Buy Energy-Efficient Windows

How to Buy Energy-Efficient Windows

Global warming. Water shortages. An ever-growing number of 110+ degree days every summer. It’s never been more important to be a savvy consumer who considers the impact on our environment when shopping. And windows are one area where your choice makes a difference. 

And to add an extra note of delight to the shopping experience, it can be a GREAT opportunity to lower your heating and cooling bills. What’s good for the planet can be good for you, too. 

So, how do you buy energy-efficient windows and make sure you get the best quality at the best price? These five areas make the biggest impact. 

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Energy Efficient Windows

Buying energy efficient windows? Include these smart upgrades.

When the neighbor’s barking dog sounds like it’s standing next to your bed, windows are hard to open or close, dust on the furniture is a constant battle and you can feel warmth of the summer sun when you touch a window pane inside the house, it’s time for new window for your home…and there are a few energy efficient window upgrades that are worth every penny!

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