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This Year’s Newest Window & Door Product Innovations

DunRite Windows & Doors reviews 2024 window and door innovations from Andersen, Pella, Anlin, Thermatru and Provia.

This past year has brought some nice product innovations from the manufacturers we carry at DunRite Windows & Doors, so we thought our customers might appreciate a quick overview of what’s new.


The biggest innovation from Andersen delights us. It’s their launch of a 100 Series Flush Fin replacement window, which directly competes with their Renewal by Andersen product. Made of their Fibrex composite material, which is a step up from vinyl windows in terms of durability and longevity, it’s made to slide right over an existing aluminum window frame. A stucco fin eliminates the need to paint the exterior of the home, covering minor stucco imperfections from removing the old window and adding a lovely picture frame effect. It’s a locally made product, too, assembled in the Andersen Glendale, AZ facility.

Andersen has also added a retractable screen for their 200 Series, 400 Series and A-Series of patio doors, which hides inside the door frame when not in use, replacing older screens that are a full door panel mounted on the exterior track. This retractable screen completely disappears, and has a locking mechanism to add security when used. It can be purchased after installation as a stand-alone product for most Andersen patio doors, or included as an option when purchasing a new patio door from the above product lines.

And as one more minor product update, they’ve added an assortment of new hardware upgrade options, too. Fourteen new styles have been added, which are compatible with all Andersen hinged and folding doors. Instead of using third-party hardware, Andersen manufactures it themselves, with their standard robust warranty protection.


While Pella’s award-winning hidden window screen was launched a few years ago, in 2022 as the first of its kind, it was expanded to additional product lines in 2024, also being voted in as a finalist in the 2024 Architizer A+ Product Awards for multiple categories. Will it win? Voting closed May 10, 2024, and the winners haven’t yet been announced. Stay tuned.

In February 2024, they launched the Steady Set™ Interior Installation System. This award-winning innovation is a window product specific to new construction, so not something we provide at DunRite, but it reduces the amount of labor required, and the number of installers needed per window.

Door manufacturer THERMATRU also announced new products in 2024 that competes with the Pella SteadySet look.


Anlin launched Designer Black™ in 2024, a black capstock product that includes a thin layer of black acrylic bonded to the vinyl after extrusion, on both the interior and exterior of a window or door. We’ve not installed it yet, but will be sure to share photographs when we do.

They are also in the midst of launching ULite™, a thin triple-paned glass insert that includes two panes of traditional glass, with an ultra-thin layer of Corning Architectural Technical Glass in the center. It’s compliant with Energy Star 7.0, the newest standards of energy efficiency established in 2023. It’s so new we couldn’t find specs for it on the Anlin website, and it’s not available to sell, but we’ll share details when their rollout is further along.


Provia recently expanded their line of faux art glass options, with a new program that allows homeowners to choose colors and privacy textures using a paint-by-number system to customize the glass in their window or door.

Well, that’s it for the 2024 roundup of new products and upgrades from the manufacturers carried by DunRite Windows & Doors! You can rest assured we stay on top of them, along with current trends, and local requirements. For a free estimate for your home, request your appointment today!

Published May 21, 2024

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This Year’s Newest Window & Door Product Innovations

DunRite Windows & Doors reviews 2024 window and door innovations from Andersen, Pella, Anlin, Thermatru and Provia. This past year has brought some nice product...