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Products we install are covered by two warranties:
1. A lifetime installation warranty for as long as you own the home, and
2. The product warranty specified by the manufacturer.

DunRite Windows & Doors offers lifetime installation warranties on all man-made materials used in its residential installations for as long as the original purchaser of any window and/or door product from DunRite owns the home—ensuring that under conditions of normal use and service, the product installation will be free of defect in workmanship.

This includes that:

  • the caulking will be free of any blistering, peeling or flaking;
  • the caulking seal will form a water-tight barrier between home and window frame; and
  • all component parts will be free from any installation-related defect.

DunRite’s warranty is limited to only that which is directly related to installation, excludes wood windows, and is exclusive to the original homeowner who made the purchase from DunRite and void once the home has been sold. Visit our FAQ page for details!

When it comes to warranties, please note this installation warranty is separate from the product warranty, which is solely dependent on what the manufacturer provides. Please refer to the warranty that accompanies a specific homeowner’s contract and/or the manufacturer’s website for specifics, exclusions and other details.

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