Window maintenance in Arizona: weep holes

Arizona Weep Hole Window MaintenanceMany customers ask if they need to have any maintenance done on their new energy efficient replacement windows.  The answer is yes! Even though the material may not need maintenance, your windows should definitely be cleaned at least once a year.

What are weep holes in a window?
These are weep holes in a window.

Heading into winter is a great time to clean out your weep holes. During Arizona’s summer monsoon season, dust storms cause your window tracks and weep holes to become full of debris. This will cause your windows to not be able to expel water at the speed intended. In turn, water will over flow the window track and run onto your window sill and floor.

Let me help to explain how new energy efficient windows work in Arizona. When it rains, the water will hit the exterior window pane on the operating glass and will drip inside the track. On a heavy rain fall you will actually see water on the inside of the home in the track. This is completely normal.

window drainage image

From there, the water will go inside the frame and through channels and end up going out your weep holes. You will see your weep hole on the exterior bottom of the window frame. Make sure your weep holes are not obstructed and that the track is clean. Use a vacuum to suck out any dirt or debris.

You can also test your window by filling a cup of water and slowly pour the water into the track from the inside. You should see all the water expel out the weep holes on the exterior.

You will now be good for another season!



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