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Are Renewal by Andersen windows the same as Andersen windows?

Wondering if Renewal by Andersen windows are just a rebranded version of regular Andersen windows? Find out the difference between both and learn why you should invest in high-end, high quality windows.

Andersen® windows. Renewal by Andersen® windows. What the heck is the difference, and how does it apply to a homeowner that just wants high-end, high quality windows?

Trying to do an apples-to-apples comparison can be tough.

It’s a constant question we are asked… Are Renewal by Andersen windows the same as Andersen windows?

Products for both are manufactured at the same plant by the same company, but they’re not the same product. There are other differences, too.

Here’s what you should know.

Are Andersen Windows the same as Renewal by Andersen windows?

Manufacturer vs. franchises

When comparing Andersen Windows to Renewal by Andersen, it’s important to know that one of the biggest differences is how they are sold. Andersen windows manufactures windows and sells them through a network of approved and authorized dealers, where Renewal by Andersen are franchises that sell and install one product line of home replacement windows, which are manufactured by Andersen Windows.

Made in the USA, the plant in Minnesota manufactures all corporate product lines and the subsidiary product line for Renewal by Andersen.

Because each Renewal by Andersen showroom is a franchise, the sales tactics, pricing and customer service can vary greatly—even between franchises in the same area. They’re completely independent.

Different product lines – both Fibrex, but different

Renewal by Andersen sells only one main product line: a Fibrex® composite window, made from Andersen’s proprietary blend of PVC and reclaimed wood sawdust left over from the manufacture of wood windows by Andersen windows. Because it’s 40% wood, it’s much stronger than vinyl alone, with a narrower frame.

            Are Andersen 100 Windows good? Are they worth the cost?

In contrast, Andersen offers its own Fibrex window, the 100 Series, which has some similar features to the Renewal by Andersen window. They’re both a good composite window product for Arizona heat, but not the same product.

Andersen Windows also sells a variety of other product lines that include all wood windows, and a two-sided window product with a wood frame interior and composite, vinyl or aluminum frame on the exterior.

Wondering what Fibrex is? This video does a good job of explaining the basics.

Frames designed for the type of installation

DunRite installing an Andersen Window sliding door
DunRite installing an Andersen Window sliding door

Here’s another difference: there are many different installation styles used to replace an outdated window. Because they’re replacement windows, Renewal by Andersen windows are designed to be installed over the existing frame of the older window it’s replacing. Once the installer removes the sashes, window stops and glass insert, the new replacement window smoothly slides over the existing naked frame that was left in the window opening.

The fin on the exterior overhangs the existing frame and is designed to avoid having to paint around the window after installation is done.  This style of installation has a wider frame and less glass, removing around four inches of visibility when compared to the window it replaces. More frame, less view.

This is different than Andersen windows, which must have the entire frame removed from the opening before the new window can be installed. This allows a thinner, cleaner appearance, but will require some touchup work after installation. They are also used for new construction, although the installation technique may differ.

Not the same warranties

Both Andersen windows and Renewal by Anderson might have the same manufacturer, but their warranties are not quite the same.

Renewal by Andersen* offers a 20-year warranty on the glass and Fibrex material, 10 years on the hardware, and 2 years on the franchisee’s installation.

In comparison, Andersen windows offer a 20-year warranty on glass and 10 years on the hardware, but doesn’t cover labor. That’s determined by the dealer. Both include limitations and exclusions, and are fully transferable if the home is sold.

Did you know DunRite offers a lifetime warranty on the installation of every window and door we sell? Homes can settle, and we’ll be there if it impacts your windows. 

Andersen windows from DunRite Windows & Doors in Scottsdale

Which products do we install at DunRite? Andersen windows that are custom built for the exact size of your home’s window openings, ordered directly from the manufacturer.

We stand by their high quality and impressive warranty.

We’re also proud to offer prices that can be as much as 40% below Renewal by Andersen prices. Ask us about them today!

Last Updated Aug. 14, 2023

Source: Renewal by Andersen, Andersen

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